Monday, June 2, 2014

What's New for Version 1.4

Here are the changes.  We hope you like them.

1.  We  updated the look and feel for iOS 7.  Scroll down to update the location. Scroll up to see more about the light in your area.

2.  We have new graphics to show the sun position.

3.  We added a landscape mode.

4. We still have alerts. Press anywhere you see the word "alert" or access them through the menu button.

5. We are efficient with location data, only using those services every 10 minutes. We do not run in the background. As soon as Magic Hour becomes active we recalculate to give you an accurate countdown.


  1. My heart nearly stopped when I saw the new purple icon for the App on my phone ! I've had the App for quite a while now and I use it quite often ! I can't even go to sleep until I'm done letting you know what's on my mind now !!

    Where is the old App/icon's image ? It was so much nicer and mostly so much more representative of the MaGiC part of the magic hour !! Every time I've picked my phone up and saw this pretty golden watercolor sun image (on my front screen), I smiled at the sight of it !! I love the app (all around) and the new options on the newer version look very interesting. I'm looking forward to explore them more. Still, I'm EXTREMELY confused about your decision to choose such a "boring, mainstream like, typical" icon !!!?!?
    No mean to offend anyone's decision....

    I just honestly think that the old one was SOOOOoooOOOO MUCH nicer ! Even the city buildings image is a bit intense. The older image was also (I believe), a lot nicer, a lot more "soft" and subtle ... Not so much in your face !! R

    I'm sure you "guys" can figure out good (and even better) marketing strategy, with keeping the old icon's image !

    I hope I can keep thinking of the Magic Hour App as a uniquely sweet and original one.

    Truly hoping to see that old amazingly beautiful icon again !

    Thanks !

  2. Dear Sandra, I am so sorry to have caused you such distress. ((hug)) This is the opposite of what we want for Magic Hour. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. I wondered how people would feel about this change -- and all the other changes. You're so thoughtful to let us know.

    The original Magic Hour icon is from a watercolor by Margaret Gavaler from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We love her work and will pass on your kind words to her. We kept her painting as the background image in the Credits page. We decided to use the sunset graphic for the icon to make it more in line with other iOS apps.

    Thanks so much for letting us know how you feel about the changes. Your feedback is most appreciated and we hope you find the new information to be useful.

  3. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Hello friends! Is there any way to change my current position or check the details in another region in the world? Thanks!

  4. Hi friend! Magic Hour works with current location only. We're working on the next version and suggestions like yours help us decide which updates to include. Thank you!

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