Friday, December 14, 2012

What's New for Version 1.3

Welcome Magic Hour users! Here are the changes...

1. Support iPhone 5:  New background images for the longer iPhone 5 and the existing devices. 

2. Notification improvement:  Now independently calculated for each day preventing problems around seasonal time changes. Thanks to iphonerviewer#2 for letting us know (we de-börked it). You will need to renew your notifications after the Apple-defined limit (64) is reached.  We'll let you know when that happens in the notice (see below).  Running Magic Hour renews your notifications.

 3.  Modified location name logic.  Location names changed in iOS 6 resulting in sub-optimal results for many of us.  Our location was incorrect based on sub-locality so with this version we look to locality instead.

We hope everything works great at your location.  Problems? Comments? Please leave a message here or tweet us @magichourapp

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